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Invisalign Singapore: The panacea for different dental problems


Before Invisalign appeared in the scene, the use of metal braces was the only option for teeth straightening and to straighten up staggered teeth. Apart from being unaesthetic, metal or ceramic braces can cause pain, irritation and occasional ulceration. Maintaining proper oral care such as brushing and flossing can be a hassle when having Braces. Regular eating or drinking can also turn out to be an inconvenient activity.


Teeth Gaps / Diastema

Gaps, or the spacing between teeth, are not only an aesthetic issue but . Food may get trapped in the gaps, affecting the gum, which is soft and sensitive. If left unattended over a period of time which could result in gum disease.

Invisalign treatment is an effective solution to close gaps. Though the treatment parameters may vary from patient to patient (depending on the quantum of spacing and location), Invisalign can be used to fix gaps between teeth.


Misaligned teeth

Also known as malocclusion, misaligned teeth are the imbalance or the lack of alignment of the upper and lower teeth. Apart from it being unaesthetic in appearance, malocclusion eventually leads to issues such as jaw pain as well as difficulty in chewing and speaking. There are three common types of misalignment issues:

Overbite – This condition occurs when the upper teeth jut out over the lower teeth. 

Underbite – The opposite of overbite, happen when the lower teeth extend in front of the upper teeth.

Crossbite - A lateral misalignment of dental arches leads to crossbite, where teeth stand up in their positions at odd angles.

By fixing the misalignment and shifting the bite, Invisalign can effectively treat all three types of malocclusion.



Crowding of teeth can occur when the teeth can’t fit snugly into the space available in the jaw; they tend to bend, twist or overlap. It is aesthetically an unpleasant situation indeed. Moreover, crowding makes it harder to brush and floss effectively which leads to the build-up of plaque, tartar and bacteria. It can also cause gum disease such as gingivitis and gum recession.

Invisalign treatment results in a gradual yet infinitesimal movement of teeth with each set of aligners, dissociating the overlapped teeth and eventually pushing teeth into their appropriate positions.   


G Dental: Your destination for cosmetic dentistry

Standing at the forefront of orthodontic treatment and oral care in Singapore, G Dental has helped thousands of patients achieve good dental health. Our caring and meticulous dentists will understand the problem you are experiencing and suggest an optimized Invisalign treatment plan just for your specific issue. The bright smile you have always dreamed of is just a click away!

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