Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

When you feel like your teeth becomes discoloured or stained, you may want to consider going for teeth whitening. However, it is best if you can make a dental appointment with the dentist to check if you are suitable for teeth whitening as there are certain cases that makes it unsuitable. Teeth stains are inevitable as there are various factors from our daily habits that contribute to it.

There are different types of teeth stains and not all stains can be removed through teeth whitening methods. It is advisable to talk to a dentist to understand the type of teeth stains you are experiencing and determine the right treatment just for you.

Types of common teeth stains

1. Extrinsic Teeth Stains

It is a type of discolouration that affects the outermost surface of your teeth or the enamel. What causes these stains? It is usually the result of frequent consumption of coffee, tea, red wine as well as tobacco usage. Extrinsic stains can be easily removed through routine scaling and polishing, in office teeth whitening and take home teeth whitening kits.

2. Instrisic Teeth Stains

Instrisic stains, a type of discolouration that exists in the inner layer of the teeth or the dentin, are more permanent in nature than extrinsic stains which is trickier to remove using teeth whitening treatments. These teeth discolouration is usually the result of excessive fluoride usage and consumption of certain medications such as tetracycline. As these discolouration are located in the dentin, dentist may recommend doing composite veneers instead to cover up the stains.

At G Dental Center, we have selected a few of the world’s best teeth whitening systems for our patients such Opalescence, Zoom Teeth Whitening and etc. Depending on the clinical conditions and social needs, a suitable system is prescribed: 

  • In-office Whitening Treatment (Opalescence & Zoom Teeth whitening system)
  • Home Teeth Whitening Kit (Opalescence)

It starts with a careful history taking of dental habits and lifestyle. Special precautions are then taken for teeth with restorations and symptoms after a detailed oral examination. The whitening will be carried out after careful isolation and protection to the soft tissues in the oral-facial region. A dedicated dental surgery assistant is always on standby to address any discomfort. We have combined soft music and lighting to provide our patients the best environment to unwind while getting their teeth whitened.

For more information regarding teeth whitening, please contact us to schedule an appointment for consultation. 

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Teeth Whitening

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