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Tooth Fillings

Tooth fillings also known as dental fillings, is a type of artificial tooth restoration procedure. Most dentists used fillings to treat and restore a tooth cavity or repair damaged tooth back to its original appearance. 

Why do I need tooth fillings?

Tooth fillings are usually needed to fill up the tooth decay. However, some patients may need a tooth filling before a dental cavity even developed. Some situations where you may require a tooth filling:

  • Experiencing increased tooth sensitivity when consuming hot and/or cold food and drinks
  • Consistent pain when chewing or biting
  • Chipped tooth

Which type of dental fillings do I need?

There are different materials for tooth fillings such as Gold, Amalgram (Silver), Composite Resin and porcelain. The dentists will then recommend according to your lifestyle and needs.At G Dental, our dentists use composite dental fillings (tooth coloured) usually as it matches the same shade or colour of your surrounding teeth thus making it more aesthetically pleasing than other type of dental fillings. 

What happens when you are getting a tooth filling?

1. The dentist will have to examine your tooth condition

2. If your dentist decides to fill a cavity, he or she will need to remove the tooth decay materials and clean the affected area. 

3. After cleaning, the dentist will proceed to fill the tooth with dental fillings with the material that best suit your lifestyle.

How long do dental fillings last?

As there are different dental fillings materials, the longevity of your tooth fillings also varies. Even though metal fillings (Amalgram fillings) last longer than composite fillings, composite fillings are more aesthetically pleasing.  

Tooth sensitivity after a tooth filling procedure?

It is common for patients to experience some forms of tooth sensitivity after a tooth filling procedure from hot or cold substances for 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the surface area of your tooth filling. The pain or sensitivity will gradually improve over time. However, if you are experiencing pain sensitivity from chewing/biting/talking, please do not hesitate to contact a dentist for review.

Can I eat after a tooth filling procedure?

Yes, you can eat and drink after having a tooth filling procedure. However, our dentists advise patients to chew gentler as well as avoiding extremely hot or cold food immediately as it may trigger the tooth sensitivity after the procedure. 


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Tooth Fillings

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