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G Dental's Perseverance

G Dental cheer along with the endeavors of the NASA craft “Perseverance” as our mantra is perseverance: not matter come what may, we persevere.


At G Dental, we do not simply just treat your problems, but we care for you as well.

We have your health at heart. All our dentists at G Dental will provide you with a comprehensive examination and diagnosis, and tailoring a personalized treatment plan that best suits you.


Like the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover, our meticulous dentists will examine your overall oral hygiene, suggest the best procedure to treat your concerns and restore your comfort and confidence.


4 Main Objectives of G Dental Care

Initializing process: Friendly faces to support and assist your dental care journey with us.


Detecting problems: Identify any dental problems such as cavities, toothaches, gum disease and etc. that are contributing to your discomfort.


Seeking treatment: Seek relevant treatment procedures just for you.


Journey with G Dental: Our care for you does not stop and extends even after the treatment ends.


G Dental strives to improve the overall dental health of Singaporeans as your health starts with the teeth. We are ever ready to address and treat any of your dental issues by taking care of you, improving your dental health thus overall health, one encounter at a time. We do not only focus on the end result; your entire dental experience is paramount to us. Embark on this journey with G Dental.



The timeline of G Dental


Pre-Launch: We were known to be Gateway Dental Center at Jurong East on Sept 2017, now closed.

Launch: G Dental took its first step at 25 Ghim Moh Link on 2015.

G Plus Dental took its first step at Camden Medical Center on 2021. 


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