What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to come up on the tooth-development timeline. Technically, they are the third molars which will usually emerge in the age range of 17-25 years; the age when an individual is presumably growing wiser and more mature. Hence they are known as ‘wisdom teeth’.

Problems and issues of wisdom teeth

Studies of the evolution of mankind have demonstrated that over the millennia, the human jaw has become smaller in size. And from a practical viewpoint, wisdom teeth have become dysfunctional due to evolution. Not everyone will get wisdom teeth; but for those who do, issues can range from simple pain or discomfort to severe complications that include the following:

  • Wisdom teeth that do not fully erupt but are stuck halfway lead to the crowding or displacement of permanent teeth
  • Partially-erupted wisdom teeth create a fertile ground for bacterial growth, as food particles can get trapped in the surrounding gum tissue. If untreated, this may lead to an infection
  • In some unusual cases, a cyst can form in the soft tissue surrounding the impacted wisdom tooth. This can result in bone destruction, jaw expansion, or damage to the surrounding teeth
  •  In extreme cases, tumors can develop in the cysts, which can even rupture the jaw

Though some of these problems can be treated with antibiotics and antiseptic mouthwash, extraction is the only way out when these basic remedies don’t produce results.

Timing is everything

Common sense dictates that wisdom teeth be removed before they cause any issues. As a piece of general advice, it is sensible to go in for wisdom tooth extraction at the young adult stage. Though your dentist will determine the right time; timing is crucial for preventing future problems and allow for optimal healing and recovery.

Safe and comfortable wisdom tooth removal in Singapore

Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure. The process begins with a visit to your dentist for consultation. If the clinical examination, including an X-ray, indicates that you would actually benefit from wisdom tooth removal, only then will the date for surgery is finalised.

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