What is teeth bleaching or whitening?

Teeth bleaching (also known as teeth whitening) is the procedure your dentist uses to remove the stains and discolorations on your teeth, making them look whiter. Also called ‘chairside bleaching’, it’s a quick lunch-break procedure that produces rapid results.

Why should you go for tooth bleaching?

Everyone deserves a bright smile. However, with passing time, our teeth lose their original shine. Consumption of tea, coffee, red wine, and tobacco are some of the main reasons for the staining and yellowing of teeth. Advancing age, trauma and certain medications are some other factors.

Tooth bleaching is the solution to restore the natural shine and sparkle of your teeth.

What are the options and procedures?

In-office bleaching

Done at the dental clinic, this is a simple and quick procedure that requires just one visit. Once you are comfortably seated in the chair, your dentist first positions a lip retractor in your mouth, which is a plastic device that is designed to hold and retract lips to provide full exposure of the oral cavity. He then applies a teeth bleaching gel (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide), which breaks stains into smaller pieces, eventually erasing the discolorations and making your teeth brighter. A high-powered light source is sometimes used to speed up the process.

At-home bleaching

If you wish to do it yourself in the comfort and privacy of your home, your dentist will prescribe you an appropriate kit. These kits include custom made trays to fit your teeth and tubes of whitening gel that has a relatively lower concentration of bleaching agents. The patient lines the trays with the gel and wears them for a few hours at a time each day or while sleeping.

Over-the-counter products

You may buy an over-the-counter bleaching product (which could include gel strips, rinses, etc.) at your local pharmacy or convenience store. However, the results are not as quick or effective as with a visit to the dentist.

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