Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening treatment

At G Dental Center, we have selected a few of the world’s best teeth whitening systems for our patients e.g. Opalescence, BriteSmile etc. Depending on the clinical conditions and social needs, a suitable system is prescribed. Both in office and home whitening systems are available.

It starts with careful history taking of dental habits and lifestyle. Special precautions are taken for teeth with restorations and symptoms after a detailed oral examination. The whitening is then carried out after careful isolation and protection to the soft tissues in the oral-facial region. A dedicated dental surgery assistant is always on standby to address any discomfort. We have combined soft music and lighting to provide our patients the best environment to unwind while getting their teeth whitened.

For more information regarding teeth whitening, please contact us. To schedule a consultation, please make an appointment.
* Medisave can be used for oral surgeries including wisdom tooth surgeries and implant surgeries.
* Interest free instalment scheme for Citibank Credit Card holder.