Root canal treatments have a particularly bad reputation among all dental procedures! They are associated with excruciating pain, multiple sittings and an especially long recovery period.

We are here to clear these myths and the image of a root canal by providing you with some insight.

What is a root canal?

To know the complete facts, let’s start with the basics.

Every root canal treatment is an attempt to save the original tooth by removing infection, cleaning it and building on the basic structure of tooth segment that is left behind. A root canal is a healing treatment that is always the much better option over tooth extraction, which is why tooth trouble should be brought to the notice of your dentist as early as possible.

Here are 4 vital facts about root canals:

1) Advanced anesthesia makes root canals almost painless!

The quality of anesthesia, the effectiveness and ease of administration has improved by leaps and bounds over the last decade. Today’s anesthesia works almost instantly, targets specific sections of the mouth and wears off smoothly for a considerably more comfortable patient experience.

With expert dental anesthetic administration, you will feel minimal pain as your dentist works on restoring your tooth.

2) A restored tooth via a root canal can last a lifetime!

If treated early, a restored tooth via a root canal can last an entire lifetime. This, of course, depends on how much of the original structure remains… But if a tooth is good enough to be built up on, it is usually strong enough to go the long haul.

3) The quicker you visit your dentist, the better!

Neglect and procrastination do not help in a root canal situation. This is simply because the more damaged the original tooth gets, the more shaky is the foundation of your root canal. Also early root canal treatment is less painful and easier to recover from.

4) Root canals don’t take away, they heal and add!

Some people believe that a root canal damages the tooth further and creates problems later. Root canals, in fact, have the potential to restore health to any affected tooth and make it function normally again.

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