Innovation for treating gum recession

Receding gums or gingival recession is an oral condition in which the gums pull back from the teeth, eventually exposing them. Patients may experience pain or infection; if left untreated, the exposed tooth is at risk of decay or loss.

Traditionally, dentists have resorted to gum grafting surgery to treat receding gums. However, it is a painful and inconvenient procedure, which can take more time to heal post-surgery.

Pinhole Surgery is an innovative, modern technique that takes gum recession treatment to the next level. It is a minimally invasive, suture-free and graft-free process. An efficient and hassle-free procedure, the Pinhole technique gives speedy and delightful results where patients experience minimal pain or swelling. The cosmetic enhancement too is immediate and appreciable.

Understanding the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST)

The Pinhole Surgery process is quick, simple and painless. Also alternatively known as Lunchtime Gum Lift, this name epitomizes the swift, simple process and rapid results that patients benefit from.

During PST, the dentist uses a tiny needle to make a minuscule hole in the area of recession. Using specialized instruments inserted through this hole, he then subtly repositions the tissue to cover the receded portion of the tooth. Collagen strips are then placed through the pinhole to support and hold the tissue securely at the new position; these strips also facilitate wound stabilization during post-op healing.

Apart from the fact that PST is scalpel-free, it is also highlighted by fast recovery and minimal healing time. Moreover, multiple teeth can be covered in a single sitting.

Post-operative care

❏    No brushing over surgical site(s)
❏    No flossing (water-pick only from tongue-side or inside on low power)
❏    No touching: with finger or any other device or object
❏    No kissing or licking surgical area
❏    Do not use cotton swabs, cloth or any soft or hard object to clean area
❏    Do not sleep with hands under the cheek where surgery was done
❏     No facial massages for 3 weeks or massage that area of the face for any reason
❏    No looking: Do not obsess over or question Doctor about appearance of gums for 6 weeks. You cannot look without pulling cheek
❏     Rinse only with lips apart: sloshing only
❏    No Chipmunk cheeks when you rinse
❏    Do not play wind instruments for 3 weeks
❏    Do not suck on straws
❏    Do not blow balloons
❏     No spitting
❏    No mints over surgical area
❏    No smoking, chewing tobacco, cigar, pipe or recreational marijuana Please consult your doctor if you use marijuana for medical purposes
❏    No clenching or grinding of the teeth
❏    No heavy lifting that require clenching of the teeth
❏     No heavy aerobics or vigorous dancing or physical activity for 3 weeks
❏     No snorkeling for 6 months
❏     Do not be alarmed about soft swelling or bruising for the first week
❏    Do not eat crunchy or sticky food that can get stuck on or in between your teeth. No chocolate
❏    Expect cold sensitivity for 6 weeks or longer. Please report any sensitivity during check-up appointments

Experience the innovative Pinhole Surgery at ‘G Dental’

As the hub for hi-tech dentistry in Singapore, ‘G Dental Center’ offers a seamless PST experience underlined by speed and simplicity. Now restore your receding gumline with little disruption to your daily life; get quick and delightful results that will improve your oral health, enhance your smile and boost your confidence.

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