Are you still wondering if you should be opting for a traditional gum grafting? Or are you ready to try out the new pinhole surgical technique for your receding gum problems? Here’s something that may help you make up your mind….

As the dental industry evolves and develops, it ensures one important benefit for all of us – painless and longer lasting dental procedures! One such advancement stands out in the area of tissue grafting, or the more recent pinhole surgery method.

There are many reasons for gums to recede mainly old age, bad dental health or habits such as smoking and drinking excessive caffeine.  Whatever the reason may be, the recommended treatment is either one of the two – Grafting or Pinhole.

Traditionally, orthodontists grafted or carved out gum tissue from one place to another to cover any exposed teeth. With the pinhole surgical technique, the actual pin-holes created in the receding gums help to reposition the gum and spread over the over exposed root. It doesn’t involve any cutting, slicing or moving of tissue.

Why Pinhole is better than Grafting

You may have already figured out that the pinhole method is the preferred one over grafting, but you may not yet know all the reasons why….

Less Invasive:

Firstly, since pinhole surgery does not involve any type of cutting or scraping, it is less invasive and severe. It literally involves making a small hole in the gum tissue that allows it to stretch and spread over the exposed root structure.

Less Painful

Naturally, since there’s no slicing or cutting, pinhole surgery is less painful than grafting. This takes care of the most feared aspect of any dental procedure!

Less Damaging

One more advantage of pinhole surgery is that since grafting involves taking gum tissue from another spot, it leaves that part of the mouth exposed and weak. Pinhole surgery treatment does not endanger any other part of the mouth for the sake of another.

Quick Procedure

Another name for the pinhole procedure is the lunchtime procedure because that’s exactly how long it takes for a complete gum adjustment! Within a hour, your gums are relocated and your smile is ready to be flashed at everyone back in office or at home. Hence, the pinhole method shows instant results.

Easy Recovery

The tiny holes made in the gum tissue during pinhole surgery take minimal time to heal. There are no deep wounds or cuts that you may have to bear. So, its smiles all the way!

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