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4 Ways to Improve Your Smile

Good looks portray good health. That is why appearances matter and make first (and often lasting) impressions!

On your face, the most prominent feature that can change your entire aura is your smile. A good healthy, beaming smile can make up for many facial flaws and is a brilliant social tool […]

Facts about Pinhole Surgery v/s Painful Gum Grafting

Are you still wondering if you should be opting for a traditional gum grafting? Or are you ready to try out the new pinhole surgical technique for your receding gum problems? Here’s something that may help you make up your mind….

As the dental industry evolves and develops, it ensures one […]

4 main reasons for gingival or gum recession you must know about

Are you facing any signs of receding gums? That’s when you notice a gap between your gums and teeth. This gap exposes the teeth and causes sensitivity and sometimes pain.

If you are facing any of this, it’s time to contact a good dentist!

If not, here are some ways in which […]