Gum recession is a common problem among many of us.

This is because there are many reasons that can contribute towards the gums withdrawing and exposing the teeth.

If you have neglected your gums and teeth at any point in your life, you may find delayed results in the form of gingival recession in your later years. That doesn’t mean that people with good oral hygiene do not suffer from gum recession. In fact aggressive brushing and flossing can also lead to receding gums! In some, the reason can be hereditary leading to structural abnormalities while tobacco usage is a major cause of gum recession.

Apart from causing heightened sensitivity, receding gums can look unattractive and ruin your otherwise, beautiful smile.

If you are feeling the symptoms of gum recession such as painful sensitivity or the visual appearance of gingival recession, it may be your time to opt for a Lunchtime Gum Lift or a quick Pinhole Surgery that takes only 40 to 60 minutes at your dentist.

What exactly is a Lunchtime Gum Lift?

The phrase ‘Lunchtime Gum Lift’ is a clever name to the formerly painful procedure of grafting.  It’s not only the name but also the actual remedial procedure for receding gums has been upgraded to be much more convenient, effective and less painful.

Pinhole surgery or the Lunchtime gum lift is performed by piercing a tiny hole in the gum which is receding. A dental instrument is then inserted into this hole to elevate a part of the gum in order to make an extra flap to cover the exposed teeth. To further stabilize the re-positioned gum part, collagen strips are pushed under the gums to also supply additional coverage.

Why Lunchtime Gum Lifts are so popular

This ingenious pinhole gum rejuvenation technique takes around 40 minutes to an hour and most lunchtime gum lifts can be accomplished in one sitting. The pinhole treatment is therefore considered quick and can be done in one session, even for the whole mouth. Earlier grafting techniques used to take months to complete. Also, the sittings themselves are shorter and therefore less discomforting.

Most people fear dental procedures due to the anticipated pain. Lunchtime gum lifts are relatively pain free and non intrusive, making them more pleasant and easy to endure.

The first step towards getting your Lunchtime Gum Lift is to get a personalised dental consultation with a trusted dental professional. The experienced and friendly team at G Dental Center have the valued knowhow of treating all kinds of dental issues owing to thousands of successful cases over the years. G Dental Care is a platinum elite Invisalign provider equipped with the most advanced 3D digital iTero scanner which ensures high quality treatment and a more comfortable patient experience for all types of procedures, especially pinhole gum rejuvenation.

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