Does your smile unfortunately falter due to an overbite?

An overbite refers to a condition in which the top row of teeth sits ahead of the lower teeth when you naturally bite down. In extreme cases, the top row or just a few teeth can even extend beyond the lower lip.

But a normal overbite is when the lower level of teeth are covered 1/2 or 1/3 of the way by the top teeth. If your upper teeth seem to be overlapping more than 3 mms, or even up to a point where the lower teeth are touching the roof of your mouth, you should visit an orthodontist soon.

Causes and effect of overbites

So, how do overbites occur and can they be prevented?

Almost 70% of bite related issues occur due to overbites. In some people, the role of genetics is dominant when the lower jaw is more underdeveloped as compared to the upper jaw. Other reasons include thumb sucking or prolonged usage of a pacifier in the infant years. We can’t do much about genetic structure, but we can definitely control overbites caused by restricting thumb sucking, pacifier usage, biting nails or tongue thrusting. This can even prevent the sprouting of misaligned teeth which result in numerous other problems.

Overbites can affect one’s smile and overall face appearance. Apart from which, they can cause problems with proper chewing and speech. A prolonged overbite can strain the jaw muscles, damage tooth enamel and soft issue and create a host of problems for your front teeth, sometimes even resulting in gum disease.

How your overbite can be fixed

For years, the ‘go-to treatment’ for an overbite was braces. Braces are still used for extreme overbites but the ideal treatment today for a normal overbite is Invisalign. These transparent aligners can fix overbites gently and comfortably by shifting your teeth or jaw line into place. An Invisalign consultation can help decide if this is the right treatment for you.

Severe cases of overbites, diagnosed via dental x-rays may require tooth extractions or even surgery. Normally, overbite corrections in children are possible with Invisalign while delayed treatment in adulthood could involve surgical repositioning.  Overbite rectification is therefore recommended as early as possible. But if you are an adult who needs an overbite fixed, don’t worry about it being a painful procedure! Modern technology ensures that our dentist visits are no longer as painful as they used to be.

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