How much attention should you give to your child’s dental health? How much of a head start can you get when it comes to ensuring perfect dental health for your child?

Experts advise oral care for a child long before he or she even gets the first tooth! This not only helps to build a strong foundation for future teeth but also gets the child used to having his/her mouth regularly cleaned.

This can later develop into the very important habits of regular brushing and flossing, limiting extra trips to the orthodontist.

Let us offer 4 basic but vital tips to help ensure your child’s dental health for the long run:

    1) Brushing and Flossing

Before teeth appear, you can gently wipe out the inside of your child’s mouth with a washcloth or a finger covered in a soft rubbery tool. Once teeth begin appearing, begin using a soft baby toothbrush to brush the teeth. In the beginning you should clean with only water. You can begin using a little toothpaste after 2 yrs of age. That’s also around the same time, you may introduce your child to flossing. Use soft and flexible floss.

    2) Limit Sugar, Avoid Cavities

New born babies require no sugar at all. A mother’s milk contains everything a baby needs and later natural sugars from fruits and vegetables are plenty for any child. However as a child grows up and explores sweet treats, it may be difficult to stop sugar intake. Excessive sugar via snacks, foods and juices without regular brushing and flossing is the root cause of cavities. The other reason is long periods of milk or juice feeding through bottles. If your child is done feeding, take away the bottle!

    3) Early Bottle to Cup Transition

Speaking of bottles, this brings us to the next point. The sooner you are able to break the bottle habit in your child, the better it will be for his or her mouth and teeth. Cups are more hygienic and give the baby more time to explore with his/her mouth and hands.

    4) Dental Checkups

A professional dentist should begin examining your child’s oral state as early as 1 year of age. The dentist will also emphasise to your child the importance of daily brushing and flossing, helping your cause further. Early detection of cavities, discoloration or pitting is always better than late realisation.

It’s time to find a good children’s orthodontist for your child.

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