For the few among us who are not completely sure of what Invisalign is, it is a simple teeth rectification treatment that uses transparent aligners to gently move teeth into the correct place. Invisalign is the upgraded version of hard metallic braces. People who have experienced braces in their formative years don’t need to be convinced about how uncomfortable and painful they can be. But the rest among us who never had braces, will only know the truth once they are told!

So, here it is…

Traditional braces

Metal braces have brackets that are literally bonded or cemented onto the teeth. Each bracket is attached by a wire. This contraption holds the teeth in the desired place. Once a month, the brackets are manually tightened or fixed by the dentist, urging the teeth to shift slightly. This continues till the teeth are in the right position. The entire process can take some time. Traditional braces have been utilising this process for many years as there was nothing better in its place.

The harsh metallic brackets and wires in the mouth had to be tolerated till they had done their job. Often the brackets caused cuts or abrasions in the mouth. Added to which, once the braces were fitted, they were only removed at the end of the treatment. So, cleaning the teeth was a difficult task while braces were on.

The most disadvantageous point however is the appearance. Metallic braces are not attractive and can be embarrassing, especially during the teenage years.

Invisalign – The Best Option!

If you have a case of crowded, gapped or misaligned teeth as in an overbite, underbite or open bite, Invisalign is the ideal treatment for you.

Here are 4 primary reasons why:

1) Beautiful appearance

Invisalign does not ruin your smile with the appearance of ghastly metal pieces on your teeth. Invisalign aligners are so invisible that majority of people that you interact with, won’t even know you’re wearing them.

2) Clean and safe

Due to the lack of dental health that traditional braces present, there is no damage or coloration of teeth during the treatment. The aligners can be removed while eating and cleaning making them highly hygienic and safe.

3) Quick results

Invisalign takes lesser time to work and involves lesser trips to the dentist. Traditional braces need regular adjustments while Invisalign aligners can be stocked and changed at home.

4) Technologically advanced

Invisalign aligners are flawless as they are technologically advanced. Each set of aligners is manufactured by 3-D computer imaging technology, leaving no room for error. It is really the only route to a perfect smile.

Find an Invisalign specialist or an Orthodontist in Singapore near you…

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