Good looks portray good health. That is why appearances matter and make first (and often lasting) impressions!

On your face, the most prominent feature that can change your entire aura is your smile. A good healthy, beaming smile can make up for many facial flaws and is a brilliant social tool to engage people, negotiate and improve relationships. That is why an increasing number of people in Singapore are investing in improving or restoring their teeth and smiles.

Common smile issues

When it comes to smile correction, smile makeovers or any other type of cosmetic dentistry, there are various aspects of the mouth that are taken into consideration. Tooth colour and shape, gum tissue and bite types are the most common considerations.

Dental cosmetologists can provide natural tooth coloured restorations before they treat stained or discoloured teeth by whitening and shading. Everyone wants whiter teeth and procedures such as bridging, implants or porcelain veneers complement the enhancement. For gum tissue problems, pinhole treatments or grafting is available while bites can be rectified via Invisalign braces, extraction and even surgery.

4 common smile solutions

Cosmetic dentistry to improve teeth shape, colour and overall appearance include the following main treatment methods:

  • Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can be done using a hydrogen peroxide based gel that bleaches the teeth or a thorough teeth cleaning performed by a professional dentist.

  • Tooth Scaling & Polishing

Professional scaling and polishing of teeth removes tartar, plaque and even stains from above the gum line giving a clean, hygienic appearance

  • Tooth Shaping

Shaping teeth via sanding or bonding offers adjustment options for minor flaws in teeth size and shape.

  • Veneer Teeth

Getting veneer porcelain teeth can change the colour, shape and placement of your teeth by adding a thin, permanent veneer layer.

An increasing number of Singaporeans are opting for cosmetic dental procedures and turning orthodontists into beauty experts! Find out which solution works best for you!

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